M Williamson

Original Japanese Reiki 


Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing system based on the channelling of ki energy, which flows through and animates all living things, and is vital to well-being. Reiki aids relaxation, and supports the natural healing process of mind, body and spirit.

  • Experience peace of mind and inner calm
  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Bring a sense of balance and wholeness
  • Explore your spiritual side

Reiki has given me a much more positive outlook on life and I seem to be able to deal with problems and stress more effectively.

                                                                                           ~ Gill.


You can obtain benefits from Reiki in two ways: you can be ‘attuned’ to Reiki on a course to learn to use the energy for your own benefit, or you can receive Reiki healing from a practitioner. 

If you learn Reiki for yourself then you have the ability always and you can work on yourself every day if you wish. Some people like to take personal charge of their healing and learn Reiki for themselves, but to obtain the benefits that come through learning Reiki you do need to be self-motivated and prepared to make time to use the energy on yourself regularly.

Some people find it works better for them to book healing sessions with a Reiki practitioner and then have regular ‘top-up’ sessions, or as and when they feel they need them.

No matter how you decide to use Reiki, there is the potential for Reiki to make a real difference to your life. Reiki helps you to feel more ‘laid back’ – calm, content and serene – and you should find that you feel better able to deal with stressful situations or stressful people, more positive and better able to cope.