Original Japanese Reiki

Healing for mind body & spirit

Reiki is a spiritual healing system based on the channelling of energy. It is a natural, holistic therapy which aids relaxation, and supports the natural healing process of mind, body and spirit.

The Japanese word Reiki is usually translated in the Western world as meaning 'Universal Life Energy' but the characters also mean 'soul energy', 'aura', 'mysterious spirit' and 'spiritually guided life force energy'.

We work with our hands at a short distance from your body or sometimes with a light physical touch. You can receive Reiki lying down on our portable couch, or sitting in a chair, and may close your eyes if you wish. There is no need to remove clothing and personal body privacy is maintained at all times.

Original Japanese Reiki is intuitive, so each session is unique to you. There is no correct set of experiences, but feelings of deep relaxation are common, and many people feel a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and surrounds them. The Reiki energy helps you to let go of all tension and anxiety. A state of peace and well-being is often experienced. At the end of the treatment, people feel refreshed with a more positive outlook.

Reiki can be used safely alongside conventional treatments and other complementary therapies.

Please contact us for an appointment with your name, address, and preferred dates. Day time and evening sessions are available.

Accessibility note: we are located upstairs on the 3rd floor. Home visits, or distant healing can be arranged.

     Reiki session 
         60 minutes